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My iPad journey… Part 1

January 3, 2012

Well I’ve joined the group flocking to the iPad as their next great technological savior… Not quite. I have been resisting the leap since I use an ACER notebook with dual Microsoft and Linux partitions that works great for my travel and tools adventures too date. However, my Father is a great iPad advocate and fan, and he convinced my wife I really “needed” one, so… here I am. And I was wrong. The iPad is fascinating and addictive, not only as a real wonder technologically, but in the usability area and with a broad spectrum of tools and toys. I focused on adding my favorite iPhone apps and on searching for other web based advise on business and appropriate mobile apps. I’m not much into social networking, but I do use Skype and I wanted to be able to VPN to my office and conduct remote access sessions on my Windows-7 based PC. That one I’ve not conquered yet, but I think it is a company issue not an iPad issue – grist for a future post. The areas I am intrigued by are writing tools for my future great American novel, connectivity tools, art/sketching tools, design/engineering drawing tools, and reading eBooks. I’ll post my favorites on a separate reference page and record my further ideas as I go – stay tuned!


From → Technology, Writing

  1. Will keep an eye on this, it’d be nice to have an unbiased review of the iPad based on actual practicality 🙂

  2. Todd permalink

    FYI, I’ve started a “My Favorite iPad apps” tab to record my successes, favorites, and failures as I continue the iPad adventure.

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