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Building an Entertainment Center

January 6, 2012

My Army career did not allow me to ever collect the tools for a “real” woodworking shop, and living in government quarters for much of that time did not give me the room anyway.  As a result, the tools I collected became very mobile – power and hand tools that could be stored in a closet or corner of a garage, and brought out when required:  Skil saw, electric drill, saber saw, a portable folding workbench, a collection of socket wrenches, crescent wrenches, hand saws, hammer … you get the idea.  That all changed when my father visited a little over a year ago, and decided the project he would pursue during his visit was to build a cover for a propane canister I used to feed an outdoor firepit in our back yard.  Now my father is a master woodworking craftsman – at the cabinet maker level, and he has a semi-permanent woodshop in the front of his garage that he deploys for projects when he moves the car out of the garage and “spreads out”.  So when upon responding to his query I rolled out my meager (compared to what he was used to) selection of portable tools, he was dismayed to say the least.  He conspired with my wife and next thing I know he took over 1/3 of our three car garage and started to transform it.  My hand tools came out of thier various containers and he setup a pegboard on the wall and populated it in an organized manner.  Since my birthday happened to be around the corner, I ended up with an early present in the form of a 14″ Bandsaw, and he happily completed his project.  Since then I’ve taken full advantage of the workshop he helped me establish, and I have added an old chest of drawers to hold other tools and components, a small workbench, a benchtop drill press, a benchtop planer/jointer, a router with benchtop table, a dedicated shop vacuum… I’m off and running.  I’ve done some minor work to date – built a 6″ hand plane from a chuck of mahogany; build an under cabinet wine glass holder for the kitchen; built a modular Barbi dollhouse for my granddaughter; worked on a self-bow for my archery passion… that’s about it.  Pretty pathetic.  My wife thinks so too considering the recent investments in tools and space.

So I have two rather major projects in the works:  1) An entertainment center for our stereo set and associated CD’s; and 2) A built-in book case to match the mantel and kitchen cabinets look ‘n feel.  I’ve been working on plans for the entertainment center, and procrastinating terribly… fear of falling I guess.  Anyway, as a New Year’s resolution to get off the dime – here I go!  I purchased a 4′ x 8’ 3/4 inch Oak veneer plywood piece and this weekend I start on the carcass.

I’ll add pictures and plans as I go, in case there are other wood working procrastinators out there that may be interested, and even inspired.


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