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The romance of sailing…

January 25, 2012

Anyone who has ever been on a sailboat and not felt at least a little romance must have had a very bad experience.  As a person who has been on the water over many years in a variety of sailboats in pursuit of a first place finish in a fleet of white sails, or reaching an anchoring gunkhole  while cruising on the Chesapeake, or sailing on an old large schooner in New England, or just going fast on a mulithull in a gale… they all hold a sense of freedom, independence, self-sufficiency, and the pure joy of using the wind to move through the water.  It is such a delight to feel the wind on your face and in your hair, seeing the well trimmed sail filling, the spray of wave and water as you manuever through, over, and around the waves… everything feels more alive and fulfilling.  One feels close to nature and one with the environment.  Have you ever noticed that sailing is all about the curves?  Classic sailboats especially are complex curves in motion – from their hourglass hulls to the multiple sails flying from oval spars.  It is clear why men choose to refer to boats as females – always as “she” or “her” and never using masculine terms.


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