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Changes are not easy…

June 25, 2012


Getting ready to sell my good old boat, Journey, a 1972 Allied Seabreeze Yawl, that I could not part with when I left Virginia and the Chesapeake, to relocate to Oklahoma.  I tried to make it work by moving her to the closest Marina that could handle a cruising yacht like this, but Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma/Texas border is still 3 hours away.  After almost 3 years of trying, I need to get my friend Journey into the hands of an owner and Captain who can sail her often and keep her maintained.

If anyone has an interest, you can see the ad on ( and additional pictures I took just this last weekend at …

This boat can sail handily in any water – including the Oceans – just depending on where her crew may want to explore.  I’ll miss her…


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  1. Dale permalink

    Beautiful, is she still for sale?

  2. Journey has found a new owner who will be living aboard at the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina, CC, Texas.

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