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Our “green” outboard

April 14, 2016

My old 1983 Haines-Hunter “Tramp“, a 19.5′ trimaran, has been powered by an equally old 1985 Suzuki 4HP outboard. That old motor has worked flawlessly until last season. After failures to start, and noticing a fuel leak, I was determined to fix the old girl myself. She lived in my garage, on my workbench, with her prop in a garbage can of water as I analyzed, troubleshot, and ordered fuel pump and carburetor gaskets, replaced same, and pulled and pulled the starter rope… all to no avail. Local outboard mechanics would have nothing to do with this old motor, and there is only one place to get parts online. So, frustrated but determined to move on, I placed the old outboard for sale on eBay as non-operational or for parts, and started research for a replacement.

The results of my personal desire for a lightweight, low maintenance, solution led me to investigate electric motor alternatives to the old gas solutions. And now, to be delivered by FedEx today, is my new Torqeedo 1003L electric outboard! It weighs in at 29lbs with lithium battery, is self-contained (no marine batteries to deal with), and should push my Tramp at hull speed without any problems. I’ll let you know how the plan works in practice…



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