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My favorite iPad apps

eBook / Reading:

  • I love my Kindle, so naturally the “Kindle Reader” app is my favorite too date.
  • I have the “AudioBooks” app as well, since I have enjoyed this on my iPhone – haven’t really used it on the iPad so far though…

Drawing / Blue Print Plans:

  • My research focused me on two apps: “Sketchbook Pro” and “Brushes”. I picked “SketchBook Pro” after  reading reviews on both and I’m enjoying it! I decided I needed a stylus – it just felt funny trying to draw with my fingers. Again, some research and many opinions on the web… but I chose the “JustMobile AluPen”, which was reported to be best for sketching but not as good for iPhone/iPad navigation and handwriting.
  • I also selected “iDesign” as a potential for 2D engineering drawings. I would prefer to get Google’s “SketchUp”, but it is not offered as a Mobile App at this time.


  • “Pages” is the premier Apple product in this area – I bought it for the iPad, but I’ve not really tried it out – it is probably more word processor than I really need, but we’ll see. What I was looking for was a authoring app similar to the Windows “yWriter” or Apple Macs similar product “Scrivener” – but those are not available on the iPad. So instead, I was looking for Apps that I can use to import into one of those two tools.
  • One suggestion I found was to use “SimpleNote” for this purpose in conjunction with Scrivener, since they have built-in capabilities to sync on the Mac. There is an interesting YouTube video on this feature here.  The only drawback is that you need to have an Internet connection it seems to use SimpleNote – bummer, since I would prefer the flexiblity of writing while off-line, then forwarding the text when WiFi was available.
  • I’ve discovered I can use “Pages” on my mobile iPad and by moving text documents through the Apple iCloud, I can share with “Scrivener” on my home-based Mac!  This will be the start of my toolbox…


  • I’m sure there are many who have tried this, but I was inspired by some beautiful compositions by Nanxi Liu (  I’m not sure what software she used for her compositions, but after a bit of research, I was impressed by the “Symphany Pro” app for the iPad.  I like the description of it’s interface, of the instruments available, and it’s import/export features.


  • I would like to add some Charts to my iPad for potential use on my Cruising sailboat, but for now the application I think would fit best is beyond what I want to spend – iNavX, until I actually have my boat back on the coast available to locations where the Charts would be helpful.
  • I installed “MotionX GPS HD” and “MyTopo Maps”.  The first since it had some on-water charting capability and I liked the user interface, and the second as a comparison app and potentially as a hiking tool.  We’ll see…


  • Check out the iTunes-U capability and it’s associated app for iPad and iPhone!
  • The free podcasts, audio files, videos, lectures, etc. covering a wide range of subjects from accredited institutions (Stanford, MIT, etc.) as well as others (National Geographic) are fantastic.

… more later

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